Kazuki Hashimoto vs Takuya Nomura – BJW (06/10/2017)

Kazuki Hashimoto vs Takuya Nomura

BJW Junior Heavyweight Championship League Match


Sasukino Mars Gym, Sapporo, Japan

(reviewed 10/23/2017) Hardly a surprise that I love this matchup but boy howdy do I love this matchup. Hashimoto is well above Nomura in the grand scheme of BJW power rankings but Nomura’s got rock solid fundamentals and more firepower than you’d imagine from such a young kid, so he can still prove to be daunting to a junior heavyweight opponent. This premise pays off in spades here and due to the reserved Hokkaido crowd you can hear every one of their strikes in this match and man oh man do they throw a lot of them. Between thudding kicks, paintbrush slaps, and even a neat little headbutt there’s so much to love here on top of a great deal of quality grappling, with the finish in particular being delightful. It’s only a midcard junior match with a rookie in front of a tiny crowd, but this match punches way above its weight and delivers lots of enjoyable wrasslin’ action.


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