Hideki Suzuki vs Daichi Hashimoto – BJW Death Mania 5

Hideki Suzuki (c) vs Daichi Hashimoto

BJW Strong World Heavyweight Championship

taped 08/19/2017, aired 08/26/2017

Nagoya International Conference Center Event Hall, Nagoya, Japan

(reviewed 10/23/2017) Taking a note out of his partner’s playbook, Daichi swarms Hideki right at the bell here but because he’s not as experienced or explosive as Kamitani, it works out much worse for him. That sort of sums up this whole match, as Daichi isn’t able to bring much of consequence to this thing. It’s not totally all on him, either, as Hideki’s certainly a one-track wrestler, but instead of pointing fingers I’m just bummed at how skippable this match is. Sure, it’s an obvious filler defense for Hideki, something to plug into a show about the bigger deathmatch main event title switch that was a long time coming for Takeda, but all the same it still stinks that this match sort of stinks. It’s not sloppy or overlong or annoying; just mediocre.


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