AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger – WWE Hell in a Cell 2017

AJ Styles (c) vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

WWE United States Championship


Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan, United States

(reviewed 10/18/2017) Was looking forward to this one because I quite like the previous AJ/Tye matches and throwing Corbin in there, who I still enjoy, to have him just toss the two smaller guys around was enticing enough to overcome the obvious last-minute inclusion of Tye to get the belt off AJ without having him get pinned. The thing is, though, what I loved about the AJ/Tye matches are how quick and snappy they were and this match is anything but that. Part of it’s due to the 19 minute run time that is waaaaay too much for a match like this, but part of it’s due simply to how even it is, with Tye holding his own against two guys way above his level without any sort of explanation for that. That basically leaves the “Corbin tossing smaller men around” appeal, which is certainly in here at points but not nearly so prevalent as in his one-on-one matches. Shave six or seven minutes off this match and make it more about Tye barely scraping by as AJ tries to knock his head off and Corbin tries to toss him into the atmosphere and this match improves dramatically. What we get sure isn’t bad, but it’s a match that mitigates its best parts by dragging it out to fill time on a sparse card.


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