“Flash” Morgan Webster vs Mike Bird – PROGRESS Chapter 47

“Flash” Morgan Webster vs Mike Bird


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom)

(reviewed 09/28/2017) Two Welsh wale on each other a while. Alliteration jokes aside, this is quite good. Bird’s got a significant size and strength advantage and it leads him to be real cocky here in his PROGRESS debut. In turn, Webster, who’s just recently come back from a lengthy injury and is still looking to get some momentum going, grows increasingly frustrated by Bird’s arrogance and turns up the heat himself, finding inventive and vicious ways to take down the big man. It makes for a delightful match in which the smaller man does a bunch of cool highflying, the larger man tosses his opponent around, and both men hit each other real hard. Simple, sure, but tons of fun. Late in the match, Bird comes sailing off the top rope with an uncharacteristic flying move and is met with an awesome bicycle knee from Webster that feels so much more realistic than any similar spot I’ve seen most anywhere. Webster follows that up with a Destino that isn’t enough for the win, but he stays right on his opponent and looks to overwhelm him with a guillotine choke and, defiantly, Bird flips off the crowd before fading into unconsciousness and the referee calls for the bell. Great stuff here. One of my favorite finishing stretches in recent memory in a match that I’m surprised hasn’t gotten more buzz.


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