David Starr vs Zack Sabre Jr – PROGRESS Chapter 49 Day 1

David Starr vs Zack Sabre Jr

Super Strong Style 16 Tournament 2017 First Round Match


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 09/28/2017) Hey, you know who’s good at wrestling? These two! Lovely little match here, nothing altogether too fancy or inventive, but snappy and heated and lots of fun. They start out on the mat and get their bearings through a grappling sequence in which they find themselves pretty equally matched. Starr takes control with his edge in striking power and begins to really lay into the Brit with some chops, which pisses Zack off. When Starr spends too long jawing with the crowd (something that ends poorly for Starr several times in this match), Zack keys in on his arm and stomps the ever-living shit out of it and we’re off to the races. Starr does what he can to combat his opponent’s pointed arm work but once Zack gets his sights set, there’s no getting away. A proud man, Starr returns to the striking game that aided him earlier and tries to feebly muscle his way through his various strength-based maneuvers with one arm. He manages to hit all of them but not well enough that it takes Zack out, as he’s able to slip free of a bridging German pin to slap on the CFS1 for the win. Good match that edges into great territory with little touches, especially from Starr (check the way he tries to move Zack’s arm away from the ropes when he’s going for the pin and is already using his good arm to hook the leg), as well as lots of spite from Zack. Well worth a bit of your time, this one.


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