Zack Gibson vs Jack Gallagher – PROGRESS New York City

Zack Gibson vs Jack Gallagher


Elmcor Center, New York City, New York, United States

(reviewed 10/04/2017) Stop the fucking presses, this match is low key great. Certainly not stellar, not the Match of the Year level bout I know these two are capable of having together, but a very good match all the same. Gibson is firmly in control for most of this contest, spending time working on Gallagher’s arm or applying his size advantage to knock his opponent around, so Gallagher spends most of his time selling here. That’s certainly not a bad thing, but I was a bit disappointed to see a lack of Gallagher’s great offensive ability in this one, especially his grappling skills, as a good 80% of the moves he gets in here are headbutts of some kind. Still, he’s great in whatever role he’s playing, and a fiery underdog making a return to an old home promotion against the promotion’s best heel is a hell of a good role. By the end Gallagher’s built up enough steam that these two are just leveling each other, with Gibson hitting a great Helter Skelter on the floor and Gallagher connecting with a murderous dropkick in the corner before getting the win with a diving headbutt. Nothing fancy but a hell of a little match here.


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