Pete Dunne vs Jack Sexsmith – PROGRESS Chapter 53

Pete Dunne vs Jack Sexsmith


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/03/2017) Nice sprint here. Dunne jumps his very popular opponent before the bell and beats the hell out of him on the floor, attacking some ring crew members when they try to stop him. Sexsmith connects with a big dive when Dunne is distracted by the ring crew and tosses him back in the ring to start the match. Dunne’s meant to be way out of Sexsmith’s league and dominates most of this match, but when Sexsmith manages to fight back it’s pretty convincing stuff, based on his fire and ability to confound more serious opponents. What’s more, it makes sense that this match is basically all high spots and reversals, with Dunne being frustrated by this lesser opponent and Sexsmith being desperate for a huge upset here. Unsurprisingly it loses the thread towards the end as Sexsmith is surviving big, goofy bombs like a repeating Tombstone piledriver and later a Pedigree on the floor, but for the most part things are alright and it doesn’t go much longer past that. Wish it was a little tighter and less self-indulgent, but a fine match all in all.


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