Donovan Dijak vs Pete Dunne – PROGRESS Chapter 50

Donovan Dijak vs Pete Dunne


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/02/2017) Dijak at his spottiest, but hey, that’s not a bad thing here. This is a surprise opponent gimmick and Dijak does well as this unstoppable force coming out of nowhere to wreck this shitheel young champion. It highlights Dijak’s great offensive ability and also lets him sell well when Dunne’s able to turn things around, though I wish Dunne did more when he was on top. Not often that I wish someone of his generation did more in matches but here we are. By the end the bomb exchanges are very silly but if you’re into that sort of thing I’m sure the finishing stretch is a delight, and if you like things a little more grounded, the stuff leading up to it might be enjoyable enough.


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