Laura Di Matteo vs Chakara – PROGRESS Chapter 43

Laura Di Matteo vs Chakara

Natural Progression Series IV First Round Match


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 09/25/2017) A match that is very much indicative of the PROGRESS women’s division, which could either be something right up your alley or something you loathe. Me, I quite like it. I’m a big fan of Di Matteo as this clean cut, no nonsense babyface with a lot of fire (plus she has a GREAT tope suicida, which is always a huge plus in my book), but the woman who really impressed me here was Chakara. Even being only ~9 months in at this point, there are brief moments of selling or facials or feeding here that make her look like a bonafide veteran. Per usual in this division, things are a little messy when either of these two tries to get a little too fancy, and they don’t quite have the physical crispness in their striking that I’d like to see, but for the most part when they keep it simple and keep the pace up, this match is a lot of fun. Late in the run, Chakara hits a hammerlock DDT and can’t quite believe that she both hit it and that Di Matteo subsequently kicked out of it. Her shock ultimately costs her the match, as it gives Di Matteo time to recover and slap on a quick little arm submission that Chakara has no answer for and taps to immediately. Fun stuff here.


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