British Strong Style vs Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins – PROGRESS Chapter 53

British Strong Style (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) (c) vs Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins

PROGRESS Tag Team Championship


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 10/03/2017) Wild brawl that bleeds into an equally wild spotfest. These sorts of matches tend to be hard to write about as they’re all basically the same thing and unless something truly bonkers happens it’s hard to distinguish between them. I like that Havoc and Haskins, a makeshift superteam, come across as terribly capable here and more than able to just stuff BSS unless the champions pull all their tricks out of the bag, which they do here. Among them is Pete Dunne coming to the ring, dragging Haskins’ wife, Vicky, by the hair. It’s a little too dramatic for my taste, but with Haskins so firmly established as a family man it sort of works, I think. In any case, it allows Seven to low blow Havoc and roll him up for a sneaky win as Haskins is distracted. Nothing special but fun enough. After the match, Haskins and Havoc argue, with Vicky getting between the two, trying to calm them down. Havoc, frustrated, lightly shoves Vicky out of the way and Haskins explodes, grounding Havoc and pounding away on him until the ring crew and a few wrestlers separate them.


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