Tyler Bate vs Mark Andrews – PROGRESS Orlando

Tyler Bate (c) vs Mark Andrews

WWE United Kingdom Championship


Orlando Live Events, Fern Park, Florida, United States

(reviewed 09/28/2017) Certainly not the sort of match I was expecting from these two, as this was a very enjoyable little wrestling match. A very old school sort of match, too, as it features a ton of grappling and grinding of holds and for the first two thirds or so, the flashiest spot is an arm drag. Real slow-moving affair, too, probably the slowest match I’ve seen Bate have in months and far and away the slowest I’ve ever seen Andrews have. The crowd isn’t exactly thrilled about it, with a group of fans chanting “boring” for quite a while late in the match, but I sort of love it. It avoids the pandering of the usual BSS matches and the empty spottiness of the other young highflyers of this generation, instead going for something more grounded and effective. By the time these two transition into something of a more “traditional” finishing stretch, at least by modern standards, it feels exciting where other finishing stretches in matches on this card felt humdrum and dull. I doubt this match knocks anyone’s socks off, but it’s one that caught my eye not in its breakneck pace or incredible highflying, but because it did something different.


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