Travis Banks vs Jack Sexsmith – PROGRESS Chapter 46

Travis Banks vs Jack Sexsmith


Electric Ballroom, Camden, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

(reviewed 09/27/2017) Sexsmith continues to impress in singles matches! The crux behind this one is that Sexsmith, regardless of his popularity, is pretty well below Banks’ level even before Banks ascends the ranks a few months down the line. Still, despite this fact, Sexsmith refuses to die and manages to stay in this match far longer than one would imagine, which frustrates Banks, who is in the midst of a face turn but isn’t quite fully committed to being a good guy just yet, so he really lays into Sexsmith here. This plays to the strengths of these two men as Sexsmith spends 80% of the match selling and trying to make a slow comeback while Banks methodically picks apart his opponent with an array of great strikes that slowly get faster and more frenzied as Sexsmith gains more and more momentum. Toss another awesome tope suicida from Banks into the mix and you’ve got yourself a hell of a match. Things get a little sloppy when these two try to get too fancy for their own good (Sexsmith being a two year pro at this point), but for the most part this is a tight little midcard match wherein a popular underdog fights hard against but eventually succumbs to a rising main eventer. Well worth a watch.


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