YAMATO vs Big R Shimizu – Dragon Gate King of Gate 2017 Day 13

YAMATO vs Big R Shimizu

King of Gate 2017 Block A Match


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 09/24/2017) I like matches where YAMATO gets pinned. This is one of those. Perhaps taking a play from the young rookie who took him to a time limit draw back in February, Big R changes it up a bit here and jumps YAMATO early, using his size advantage to rush the Dream Gate champion out on the floor and very nearly hit the Shotput Slam out there. YAMATO is able to escape and tries to regain his bearings back in the ring, but try as he might he’s not quite able to take control the way he should be able to against a guy as comparatively inexperienced as Big R. The big man plays to his strengths and bides his time, to the degree that before long he’s able to reverse YAMATO’s Frankensteiner attempt into a flurry of repeating powerbombs and not one but two Shotput Slams in order to ensure his dominant victory in only three and a half minutes. Great stuff. Fuck YAMATO.


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