Takehiro Yamamura vs El Lindaman – Dragon Gate Scandal Gate 2017 Day 12

Takehiro Yamamura vs El Lindaman

5 Unit Survival League Match

taped 08/26/2017, aired 09/11/2017

EDION Arena Osaka #2, Osaka, Japan

(reviewed 09/16/2017) YAMAMURA SINGLES MATCH, YEAH! CLEAR EYES, FULL HEART, CAN’T LOSE! This is probably one of his lesser singles matches for the year but it’s nowhere near bad. Lindaman sticks to his flurry of Judo throws intermingled in with typical VerserK heel tactics and some arm work to mitigate Miracle Worker Yamamura’s ability to make his big comebacks and it wins him the match in the end. Yamamura’s great in this singles setting but Linda’s still a little lost when trying to dictate the pace himself, so this match is a little off whenever he’s not just blasting through spots, but again, it’s nowhere near bad and well worth your time if you’re catching up on Dragon Gate’s recent return to form.


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