Trevor Lee vs Lio Rush – PWG Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock n’ Roll)

Trevor Lee vs Lio Rush


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 09/01/2017) Real good little match here, the sort of storytelling that PWG is usually pretty devoid of. Trevor, one of the top heels of the promotion, takes it right to his young opponent and looks to neutralize Lio’s speed. When Lio does break out and show some of that explosiveness, it’s in little bursts that maximize the effectiveness of that speed and power, making it way more enjoyable than just 12 minutes straight of that same thing non-stop. The “down” moments of this match are great because, hey, Trevor Lee is real good at them there heel control segments, but the moments I like best from this match are when Lio is making a big comeback and Trevor stuffs him down again. Eventually as things got hotter and hotter Trevor just isn’t able to keep stuffing the kid and finds himself on the wrong end of a small package for once, with Lio scoring something of an upset victory. Lovely stuff here, a quietly great match that I think has sort of snuck under the radar.


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