Trevor Lee vs Keith Lee – PWG Head Like a Cole

Trevor Lee vs Keith Lee


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 09/05/2017) A return to form from Keith Lee after a real stinker of a match on the last PWG show and another reliably good match from Trevor Lee, who has yet to really disappoint me in PWG despite the odds. Here they start off with some goofs based around Trevor’s TNA success and their mutual surname, which comes across way funnier and way more natural than most attempts at shouty comedy in Reseda. Keith doesn’t fall for it, forcing Trevor to resort to an extensive bag of tricks in order to wear down the big man who outweighs him by over 110 pounds as Keith slowly regains his bearings and starts to manhandle his smaller opponent. There are some dull moments here, mostly due to the fact that “heel TNA superstar Trevor Lee” isn’t nearly as effective at deliberate, slow-moving control segments as “babyface CWF superstar Trevor Lee”, but even then these are brief moments in an otherwise lovely little match. I’d like to see what these two can do together outside of PWG, but for a first time matchup, this was quite a lot of fun.


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