Matt Tremont vs Joey Janela – CZW Sacrifices

Matt Tremont vs Joey Janela

Steel Cage Match


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

(reviewed 09/22/2017) Hey, Matt Tremont’s back to his usual level of matches! He’s also sporting his old black boots for the first time in a number of months, so perhaps the white boots he’s been wearing during the Father Tremont run were sapping him of his energy. In any case he’s back in full form here and has a good little hardcore match with Janela. This is an interesting one in that it highlights the different approaches to hardcore wrestling that these two employ, with Tremont being a proponent of the Three B’s (brawling, bumping, and bleeding) while Janela is more highspot-based. Usually if there is a disparity in style in deathmatches it works against the quality of the match, but thankfully it’s an additional wrinkle to an already enjoyable match here. There are still Awakening run-ins but they are immediately dealt with by the Storm of Entrails so they don’t bring the quality down outside of the knowledge that Shlak got paid. These two get a little bloated and long in the tooth by the end, doing what they could do in a tight 12 or 13 minutes in a leisurely 18, but considering that this was meant to be Janela’s last match in CZW and one of Tremont’s last, I can understand why they felt the need to do more.


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