T-Hawk vs Ben-K – Dragon Gate King of Gate 2017 Day 1

T-Hawk vs Ben-K

King of Gate 2017 Block B Match


Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 09/13/2017) Real fun mini-hoss fight here. I know a number of people who aren’t all that into Dragon Gate who think that T-Hawk is the shit, and it’s these sorts of matches I think they have in mind when making those sorts of statements. He’s a good heel here, being real cocky as he rolls over Ben-K fairly easily, never doubting the outcome of the match and giving his opponent plenty of room to run around if he wants. In turn, Ben-K makes the most of those opportunities and gives his best performance of the year, a real gusty showing that makes him look like a future star. T-Hawk likewise shows a lot of veteran instincts that portend great things, but it’s sort of weird to say that about a guy who’s already seven years in and has main evented Kobe World twice. In any case, he’s great in the finishing stretch here, smirking as he’s unloading all this big offense on Ben-K as if to say “alright, let’s see you survive this, kid” and shutting him down immediately with the Night Ride when Ben-K does, in fact, survive.


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