Scorpio Sky vs David Starr – CZW Decisions

Scorpio Sky (c) vs David Starr

UWN Television Championship


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

(reviewed 09/20/2017) For the third time in four matches for the year, David Starr wrestles in CZW for a title that doesn’t belong to CZW. Funny little fact. As for this match itself, it an enjoyable little midcard number with an outsider heel and a pretty well-liked local standby. Sky, wily veteran that he is, quickly realizes that Starr can best him in an even match, so he goes after the youngster’s leg. Simple enough narrative but it makes for a fun match in which Starr sells a bunch and Sky puts the boots to him. It doesn’t blow you away, but little touches like Sky selling his hand after punching Starr makes this worthwhile for a careful viewer. One or two spots with Starr’s selling frustrate me (brainbuster onto his knee, for one) but all in all this is a neat little match that you certainly shouldn’t go out of your way for but should definitely watch if you’re picking up this show.


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