Ace Romero vs AR Fox – CZW EVILution

Ace Romero vs AR Fox


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

(reviewed 09/22/2017) Hey, these two continue to be good together. These two work firmly within the framework of indie wrestling’s worst habits (thigh slapping, puro cosplay, etc.) but manage to make it work, at least together, as they highlight each other’s strengths quite well. Fox flies around for this big guy who can always base for him and Romero tosses around this little guy who can always take what he gives. I like this less than their sweet little deathmatch up in Limitless, but this match aims for less in front of what is probably a worse crowd all things considered, so I can’t blame them too much. Smartly, they ride their biggest spot through into the finish, with Fox hitting a big ol’ dive over the post that gets the crowd on their feet but as soon as Fox tries to follow it up, Romero catches him in a scrapbuster for the win. Solid match.


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