Ricochet vs Trevor Lee – PWG Pushin Forward Back

Ricochet vs Trevor Lee


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 09/10/2017) Continuing a trend from Trevor’s lesser CWF Mid-Atlantic matches, this is a good match that is sort of hard to write about because it’s just some well-done, basic professional wrestling. After rushing Ricochet before the bell fails to pay off as Ricochet quickly gets a head of steam behind him, Trevor shoves referee Justin Borden into the ropes to buy him time and uses brawling tactics on the floor to regain control of the match. From there he methodically picks away at Ricochet as the highflyer tries to build momentum, and while it pales in comparison to Trevor’s more deliberate control segments in other matches, it’s still entertaining. Even when they’re giving B- performances, these two are talented enough to make it work and make it enjoyable. A couple awkward moments and sort of a flat finish prevent this from being a recommended match, but it’s hardly a waste of your time.


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