MaxiMuM vs K-neSuka & Masaaki Mochizuki – Dragon Gate Scandal Gate 2017 Day 10

MaxiMuM (Big R Shimizu, Kotoka, & Ben-K) vs K-neSuka (Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy K-ness JKS) & Masaaki Mochizuki


Hakata Starlanes, Fukuoka, Japan

(reviewed 09/16/2017) You know what rules? Surly old dudes taking on capable young jerks. Plenty of that here. Mochizuki looks quite a bit off his game, which is distressing but plays into the match, as he uncharacteristically is isolated and beaten down by the young MaxiMuM team early on. Before long the veterans are able to turn the tide and begin exploiting the weak link Kotoka, but even then it’s fairly even back and forth all the way through. An avalanche exploder from Susumu takes Kotoka out of the game late in the match, but Big R is right on him afterward and this rolls into a real good finishing sequence from Big R and Mochizuki, in which the veteran survives a few Shotput Slam attempts and chops down the big man with a number of his famous kicks. Certainly won’t blow you away, but an enjoyable match here from some of my favorites in the promotion going today.


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