Lio Rush vs Joey Janela – CZW Once in a Lifetime

Lio Rush vs Joey Janela


Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, New Jersey, United States

(reviewed 09/22/2017) After suffering through the nightmare that was Shane Strickland vs MASADA, lo and behold we have another worst match of the year contender! Well, I’m not sure if that’s exactly fair. This is certainly a bad match, an inconsistent and stupid match, but it’s not all bad. More disappointing than anything. They start pretty hot, going right at it with spot reversals and dueling dives, both men desperate to put a definitive, final end to this lengthy feud. After the first few minutes, though, this match slows down considerably as they try to make it more dramatic, with lots of yelling and strike exchanges that feel unnatural and forced, and it takes all the air out of the thing. Before long they go all in on the dumb spots, a real hallmark of this feud, but due to the placid, plastic nature of what came before, dumb strings of moves like a superplex into a Michinoku Driver on an open chair are just numbing instead of fun and thrilling like they have been in past matches between these two. Add to that a 33 minute run time, a clichéd stretcher job that has already been done in this feud, a number of beyond clichéd Pedigree and sledgehammer spots, and maybe the dumbest no sell spot of all time and you’ve got yourself a bad match as well as a real downer ending to one of the better feuds in recent indie wrestling.


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