Lio Rush vs Rey Fenix – PWG Game Over, Man

Lio Rush vs Rey Fenix


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 09/05/2017) Sort of an interesting match for me in that the first two thirds of it is one of my favorite modern “PWG style” matches before it all goes off the rails. With two names like this, you know what you’re in for here, and these two makes no pretenses about doing a whole bunch of highflying and high spots, likewise running with a “two guys on the same page” narrative. They’re not breaking new ground or anything and it’s a little too tongue-in-cheek for me to truly love, but for the most part it’s more reserved than other matches in the same vein and also more clever, not just in spots used but in execution. Lio almost always carries himself well and is way more goofy than usual here, which is a nice twist, and he covers up for where Fenix lacks in this area. By the time these two are 10, 11 minutes deep I was ready to chock this up as a surprisingly good match. But then they proceed into the usual soulless, uninspired kick out fest that defines the aforementioned “PWG style” and it loses all the charm that won me over just moments before. It’s accompanied by some needless WWE pandering too, which almost universally puts a bad taste in my mouth, and when you combine that with an inane apron Spanish Fly that nearly kill the person giving the move, it’s a huge bummer that ties together what was previously a pretty enjoyable match.


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