Keith Lee vs Jeff Cobb – PWG Game Over, Man

Keith Lee vs Jeff Cobb


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 09/05/2017) After seeing this matchup twice, I just don’t know if these two work well together. They work the same basic style, with Keith’s presence and charisma dominating his matches whereas Cobb often operates more of a no-nonsense, athletic freak theme. Same-style matchups don’t always work for me, especially with big guys who don’t always work well with other big guys, but these are two behemoths who excel at throwing each other around and being thrown around themselves. Moments of this match are frankly awesome, titanic struggles of larger-than-life figures doing battle in front of a hot crowd and a building that can barely contain them. But for every one of those moments, there are a few sections where this match just drags and drags and provides nothing of consequence, what with lazy versions of trademark spots and odd, out-of-character decisions. When their first match at Beyond Wrestling’s Caffeine underwhelmed, I chalked it up to exhaustion and a late bell time. Here, it feels like they just didn’t have much planned and went out there and winged it. Normally I like that sort of thing but here it didn’t do much for me, and it makes me consider whether or not I actually like these two good wrestlers against each other.


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