Jimmyz vs Tribe Vanguard – Dragon Gate Scandal Gate 2017 Day 19

Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy Kagetora) vs Tribe Vanguard (YAMATO & Yosuke Santa Maria)

5 Unit Survival League Match

taped 09/05/2017, aired 09/15/2017

Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

(reviewed 09/16/2017) Fun little crowd-pleasing midcard tag here with everyone doing Their Thing for the first few minutes before transitioning into a regular ol’ tag. The Jimmyz and especially Maria hold most of this together with their time-tested spotfest ability but YAMATO is fine too since he’s not working with a strong heel to undermine and sticks to his great tag team ability instead of playing to the crowd so much. Enjoyable stuff.


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