Rey Horus vs Sammy Guevara – PWG Pushin Forward Back

Rey Horus vs Sammy Guevara


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 09/10/2017) This one took me by surprise. From what little I’ve seen (maybe around 20 matches from Horus and maybe five or six from Guevara), I’m not a fan of either of these two and was real hesitant to see how they’d fare in Reseda. But, to give me a little time to settle in, I let this play when I popped the disc in and what do you know, it impressed the hell out of me. Contrary to what I’ve seen in the past, they keep it basic and tight here, sticking to simple, effective lucha-oriented chaining and highflying with some American indie spots sprinkled in. When they do break out into bigger things, for the most part it’s stuff they pull off exceedingly well and exciting spots at that. There’s some goofiness towards the end with a Spanish fly sequence and the “go for move off the top, opponent rolls out of the way, land on feet and do another flip” spot, but for the most part these two navigate their way through a lovely little match that doesn’t overreach or underachieve, instead cruising through the happy medium with lots of poise and charisma. Both men play their roles well here, with Guevara’s heel work and stooging being delightful and Horus holding up his end of the bargain as a clean slate tecnico. Which is another thing: this is probably the most lucha-oriented match in PWG in many years and it feels great in that role. Lots of fun. Made me look at these two guys I didn’t like in a different light. Check it out.


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