Clint Margera vs Conor Claxton – CZW Tournament of Death 16

Clint Margera vs Conor Claxton

Barbed Wire Craziness Deathmatch and Tournament of Death 16 First Round Match


Ebenezer Church Road, Townsend, Delaware, United States

(reviewed 09/22/2017) Continuing a theme from the opener on this show, I wasn’t initially going to review this as it was pretty tame. That is, until they introduce the barbed wire trampoline. Usually these sorts of things are pretty lame, loosely-tied contraptions that no one take a big bump into. They’re far more work than what they’re worth as both the creators and the users don’t put their all into it. But here? Here someone’s made a well-constructed barbed wire trampoline that actually functions as a pretty good little springy base and these lads go all in on it. Claxton takes a back bump off the cab of a truck and I swear to god he bounces six feet off the barbed wire when he comes down on the damn thing. Craziest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen. Rest of the match is pretty standard (though the finish is nice, as business picks up after said bouncing), but if you’re going to watch any match in the world this year on the basis of one spot, make it this one and that goddamn spot.


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