Sami Callihan vs Matt Sydal – PWG Man on the Silver Mountain

Sami Callihan vs Matt Sydal


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

(reviewed 09/10/2017) Tight, tight little match here. Two of the better junior heavyweights in the world go at it with lots of poise and great execution and more than a little charm. There’s a fun moment here where, after fighting on the floor for a bit, Sydal and Sami take turns throwing chairs in the ring as referee Rick Knox protests, before Knox, frustrated, throws one in the ring himself, as if to say, “alright boys, you wanna play it this way, let’s play”. From there we get some good chair work, which is quickly becoming a staple of Callihan’s work. It all comes together to create a match that doesn’t really explode off the screen in the way that, say, the Xavier/Cade/Crist three-way on this show did, but is far more lasting and enjoyable.


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