Dr. Wagner Jr vs Psycho Clown – AAA TripleMania XXV

Dr. Wagner Jr vs Psycho Clown

Lucha de Apuestas


Arena Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

(reviewed 08/30/2017) So this isn’t great, obviously. Psycho Clown is a fun hardcore wrestler but doesn’t have much to add other than that and doesn’t add much here other than his overness. Wagner’s pretty good but usually you’re getting diminishing returns once you pass 30 years of wrestling experience. On a physical level, on a spot execution level, on a spot concept level, this isn’t great. But on an emotional level, this is good. It takes a while to get going as a crowd-hugging brawl starts us off, but once Wagner really takes it to his opponent as this righteous pseudo-rudo and Psycho is bleeding profusely as thousands chant his name, once we really get into the meat of this match and the meat of what all apuestas matches are, this is enjoyable. It loses its footing at points but through it all remains enjoyable. Not stellar, not even the best apuestas match of the year probably, but enjoyable. What’s more, it was real shocking, as Wagner losing came as a surprise. Sure, Psycho’s much younger and the face of the company and will continue to be the face of the company for a good while most likely, but Wagner was an institution. Wagner was The Guy when I broke into lucha libre and has remained one of the most high profile big names around since. There was weight behind the idea that Wagner wasn’t going to lose here and maybe never lose his mask. So the whole pageantry of unmasking and revealing yourself and giving your opponent this all-encompassing symbol of your importance in the world, that was a big deal here. And that, really, is why I watch wrestling, that sort of weight, that sort of emotion. This match is nothing much on a star rating scale, but for what it’s worth, it’s some great pro wrestling.

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