Black Terry & Diablo Jr vs Los Traumas – IWRG (04/23/2017)

Black Terry & Diablo Jr (c) vs Los Traumas (Trauma I & Trauma II)

IWRG Intercontinental Tag Team Championship


Arena Naucalpan, Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico


(reviewed 08/29/2017) While I find this match way easier to write about than its Black Terry & Negro Navarro counterparts, I also like it less than those Arena Coliseo tag title matches. This one is easier to write about mostly due to the three fall structure, which I generally prefer to single fall lucha matches. The first fall is dominated by an enjoyable Diablo Jr/Trauma I sequence of energetic grappling, followed by a much more brief and much less exciting Black Terry/Trauma II exchange that ends with the champions sneaking in a quick submission and pinfall. The second fall is even shorter with the pairings switched and the Traumas evening things up with a crucifix stretch and a weird standing elbow hold on Black Terry that is real underwhelming. Things pick up again in the third fall with some speedy rolls and drags from Diablo Jr and the Traumas, with Black Terry slowing things down as he comes in for some leg work. Trauma I eliminates Diablo Jr after a bit with la espectrina and Trauma II continues to work away at Terry’s leg and eventually puts him away with an awkward figure four. Not bad at all, but a real uneven match, as Trauma II (sporting a Heath Ledger Joker shirt, which doesn’t help) drags this down a lot with nothing all that interesting, and Terry is a little too slow to keep up with the sorts of things Trauma I and Diablo Jr were trying to do. Certainly there’s stuff here to enjoy, but it’s bits and pieces of an overall middling match.

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