Ace Romero vs AR Fox – Limitless Wrestling Problematic

Ace Romero vs AR Fox

Fans Bring the Weapons


Westbrook Armory, Westbrook, Maine, United States

(reviewed 08/29/2017) When I first saw that this match was booked, I was like “ok, this should be real good”. When I first saw the photos of these two after the match, I was like “ok, this is definitely real good”. And what do you know, this is a real good match. Fox has some brief but notable deathmatch experience whereas I’m almost certain this would be Romero’s first foray into the genre. Fox, as he’s done in the past, excels in the environment, as his particular brand of nonsense spotfests actually works fairly well in a deathmatch, but he usually scales it back a little and inserts more poise and presence into his work, making individual spots feel way bigger instead of just overwhelming viewers with a deluge of crazy spots. Still, I think Romero is the one who really shines here, as he’s going whole hog into taking light tubes to the head and bumps into huge piles of LEGOs, bottle caps, broken glass, and gummy bears. These two compliment each other well, with Romero being a good base for Fox and Fox being the sort of person that Romero can toss around effortlessly. What’s more, both these guys are willing to hit hard and get hit in return, which is a very necessary facet of deathmatch wrestling. There’s a lot to take in here, lots of unnecessary brain trauma and nutty spots. It’s certainly not as grotesque as a TOD or FREEDOMS main event, but for a promotion that doesn’t do that sort of thing, this works really well and stands out in a big way. If you’re at all into hardcore wrestling or if you’re interested in this young Ace Romero kid who I’m pretty high on, check this out.

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