Keith Lee vs Ace Romero – Limitless Wrestling Hysteria

Keith Lee vs Ace Romero


Westbrook Armory, Westbrook, Maine, United States


(reviewed 08/29/2017) So stemming from the other match on this show that I reviewed, seems like a theme of this event was “copying something or someone else”. This really feels like a rehashing of the first Donovan Dijak/Keith Lee match. Which, hey, there are worse matches you could ape, because that one was pretty damn good. And also, I should note, reusing spots and ideas from that match means avoiding the sort of mindless “spot spot spot kickout dramatic look” matches Lee’s been having more and more as of late, which is very much a good thing. So these two just sort of run through your basic heavyweight vs heavyweight spots with a few fresh ones thrown in to keep it interesting. This might be the first time I’ve seen a phoned-in performance from Keith Lee, or at least something that I’d describe as notably worse than his usual performance, and while it’s far from bad, it’s sort of jarring, and Romero’s not yet experienced enough to be able to carry a match on his own, especially on an emotional or tonal level. Thankfully Keith gets back in the swing of things towards the end and the match wraps itself up pretty nicely. I was expecting more here, but despite its flaws there’s a fair amount of enjoyable big man wrasslin’ action in this match to warrant a watch if you’re interested. And it’s free on Limitless Wrestling’s YouTube, so why not give ‘em a click?

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