Kyle the Beast vs Matt Tremont – GCW The New Face of War

Kyle the Beast (c) vs Matt Tremont

Last Man Standing Match for the GCW Heavyweight Championship


Game Changer World, Howell, New Jersey, United States

(reviewed 08/24/2017) One of the problems of just cherry picking matches from most of the promotions that I watch is that sometimes I miss a lot of storyline stuff. Here, I have no idea why these two are having a Last Man Standing match, one of the few final protected stipulations in wrestling. Nor do I know why the crowd is so fucking vehemently booing Kyle the Beast. But regardless of my confusion about themes and narrative, this is a very enjoyable little LMS. It occupies a weird space in between a fast-paced, heated, explosive shootout LMS match and the more methodical, big spot-oriented, slugfest LMS match, but thankfully we get good elements of both along with the lesser elements. These guys aren’t afraid to hit hard and bump big and do plenty of both here, leading to a big goofy finish that is sort of overdone but also a delight to see executed, as it’s a major subversion of how pro wrestling usually works.


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