David Starr vs Eddie Kingston – AAW United We Stand 2017

David Starr vs Eddie Kingston

I Quit Match


115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 08/06/2017) This was something I’ve wanted to see since the Death by Elbow vs Kingston/Starr tag from Beyond Wrestling in March of 2015. Over two years later, AAW of all places makes that match happen. And it’s good! It’s a scrappy, opportunistic, hard-hitting, colorful little match. Both men are mad and looking to take their anger out in a big way. They brawl around a bunch. They dive on each other (Starr’s tope suicida here is gorgeous). They yell at people they’ve had matches with recently in AAW. They brainbuster each other onto ring bells and send each other through tables. It’s great stuff. Starr is a little shit here, just this terrible and irritating little prick and Kingston makes him pay for it. I love it. This is the sort of match made specifically for me. It stinks that it ends with a run-in, but it’s better than any other run-in in AAW this year, being built off of animosity in the match itself and building off of previous antagonism, and it leads to a great heel moment from Starr! I guess the best thing I can say about this match is that it even makes Danny Daniels’ shitty booking work. Can’t say that for much else the company’s done this year. Great stuff.


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