David Starr vs Arik Cannon vs Marion Fontaine vs Stephen Wolf – AAW End of Innocence

David Starr vs Arik Cannon vs Marion Fontaine vs Stephen Wolf


Knights of Columbus Hall, LaSalle, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 08/04/2017) Well this is a fun combination of guys, huh? This fun combination makes for an even funner match, fancy that! While watching these four goof around, though, I was thinking about how a match like this succeeds where the Fox/Xavier/DJ Z/Moose match from the preceding AAW show failed. That match probably has a higher average of wrestler quality and features a ton of good highflying, so why did it fail in its efforts? I think it’s because it understood that it should entertain but didn’t consider how or why. This match, however, is four vibrant characters interacting and creating humorous situations while remaining within the framework of their well-defined motivations and mindsets. Starr is a show off and won’t let anyone show off more than he does nor will he allow anyone to make a mockery of his platform on which to show off. Fontaine is a bit of a show off in an old-timey gentleman sportsman way. Cannon is an alcoholic who wants to drink some gotdamned PBR and won’t let anyone get in the way of that. The no-nonsense Wolf is a hungry young kid who wants to prove his worth on this semi-big stage. These are all clearly defined characters who entertain by interacting, not athletes who entertain by doing things that we’re told are meant to be entertaining. That Fox/Xavier/DJ Z/Moose match was just a dance-off and some spots. This match, while certainly more wacky, makes sense of its wackiness while also providing some good, traditional, non-comedic wrestling and is much, much better off for it.


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