Penta el Zero M vs Trevor Lee – AAW Killers Among Us 2017

Penta el Zero M (c) vs Trevor Lee

AAW Heritage Championship


115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 08/06/2017) I think Trevor Lee’s matches really live and die by his own effort. I’ve seen many, many matches where he carried a lesser opponent to a good match. I’ve also seen many matches where he dragged down a good or fun or interesting matchup by a lack of effort. That latter situation is what we get here. Trevor’s heel work in AAW can range from great (see the Fenix match at Homecoming 2017) to sloppy and lazy like it is here. It’s just a whole lot of yelling at the crowd and flipping people off and doing the least amount of work possible. The mechanics of his wrestling are absolutely fine, as he could probably sleepwalk to a good match on a mechanical level. But the emotion behind those mechanics that really make a match worthwhile are lacking here, and that’s what’s frustrating. Pentagon is fine, doing his usual thing of relying mostly on aura and charisma, but he also brings the heat with some fun wrestling. Trevor navigates the waters of Pentagon’s spots perfectly well, but man, I wish he’d put a little more heart into it.


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