Eddie Kingston vs David Starr – AAW Take No Prisoners 2017

Eddie Kingston vs David Starr


Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 08/05/2017) THANK CHRIST, IT’S MY BOYS. After the Michael Elgin/Zack Sabre Jr match that preceded this, I was ready to stop watching wrestling forever. This isn’t perfect but it sure as hell puts me back in a good mood. Starr is the cocky, self-assured young man looking to knock off a top guy in his singles debut in this promotion. Kingston is the scrappy, surly, injured veteran clawing his way to survival. Apparently Kingston has some sort of neck injury and Starr goes after it in earnest, making for some real compelling selling and bumping. It’s simple and straightforward and even a little overbearing depending on how well you react to focused, constant injury work, though I think it’s just fine. The big personalities and facials from these two help out a lot in that regard, though some of Starr’s most dramatic moments are hammy and a little annoying (most notably during the Irish Whip into the barricade spots early in the match). Still, I quite like this and it has me looking forward to their I Quit match that I’ll be watching here soon. That’s one sign of quality, I think, leaving the viewer hungry for more. After the Elgin/ZSJ match, I know I wanted no part of wrestling anymore, so anything that makes me feel the opposite of that is a-okay in my book.


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