Michael Elgin vs Jack Swagger – AAW Thursday Night Special

Michael Elgin vs Jack Swagger


Berwyn Eagles Club, Berwyn, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 08/05/2017) It’s fucking hilarious how much Swagger dwarfs Elgin here. You have to give it to him, though: he does a hell of a job bumping for this man the better part of a foot shorter than him and making it look realistic. Something of a weird match, as you can imagine, as it’s sort of worked simultaneously like a big deal but also like a match on Main Event. These two act like and structure the match like and the crowd reacts like it’s a big deal, but in content, both in moves and spots utilized as well as in the execution therein, it’s a run-of-the-mill match. Not terribly surprising considering what I’ve heard about Swagger’s run on the indies, but a disappointing outcome considering the soft spot I’ve always had for the guy.


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