Sami Callihan vs Kongo Kong – AAW End of Innocence

Sami Callihan (c) vs Kongo Kong

AAW Heavyweight Championship


Knights of Columbus Hall, LaSalle, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 08/04/2017) This sort of ruled? I think? Yeah, let’s go with that. Self-important mouse trap of a champion Callihan comes face to face with a problem he finally can’t steamroll: the massive Kong. A simple and effective story. The match is a little too clearly choreographed for my taste in order to milk that story to its fullest, but it’s not anything that actively detracts from the match so much as it prevents this from being truly great. These two hit hard and know how to keep things short and sweet, to the point that the requisite OI4K run-in doesn’t feel like it’s ruining the match. If anything, it sort of adds to the whole frantic roller coaster ride of a match full of brawling, a racist throwback “savage from the jungles” gimmick, managers fighting, stable implosion, powder-throwing, and weapon shots. Shit, with Kong kicking out nearly in sync with the ref counting the three, this feels almost directly pulled from the 80’s, and you know what? That feels kinda nice.


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