Sami Callihan vs Candice LeRae – AAW Don’t Stop Believing

Sami Callihan (c) vs Candice LeRae

AAW Heavyweight Championship


115 Bourbon Street, Merrionette Park, Illinois, United States

(reviewed 08/04/2017) Skipped Callihan’s lengthy promo before this match because I’m sure it was insufferable and gross. I’m sure, also, that you could guess how this match goes: overbearing, self-important, boorish, predatory champion takes on feisty female fan favorite challenger, with the challenger getting some real good chances at winning before ultimately succumbing to the defending Philistine. It’s a simple and obvious story, one that is often exploitative and uncomfortable, and I can’t pretend that this match doesn’t stray into that territory at times. But, and maybe it’s just because I skipped the promo at the beginning, this is mostly fun and is a pretty clean and entertaining play on a somewhat controversial match type that features a lot of good-ass professional wrestling in front of an appreciative crowd. It might just be the best intergender match I’ve seen in years and is certainly far better than similar matches from the likes of Joey Ryan, Chris Dickinson, and Daisuke Sasaki.


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