SANADA vs Juice Robinson – NJPW G1 Climax 27 Day 12

SANADA vs Juice Robinson

G1 Climax Block B Match


Fukuoka Citizen Gymnasium, Hakata, Japan

(reviewed 08/03/2017) The other day, I was talking to Wrestling With Words member Parm about Juice’s matches in the G1 and especially his selling therein. We agreed that while Juice’s selling made for a bare minimum of quality that was appreciated (meaning that, with his quality long-term selling that he’s been doing in all these matches, each match of his is going to feature at least a little bit of that, and if we enjoy that, then it’s a guaranteed to have at least a little bit of quality), it also sort of mitigated and limited where his matches could go, which is a real problem. That’s what we get here, in which SANADA does his usual sort of highflying along with some leg work, and Juice sells that leg work. It’s a narrowly-focused match but I suppose it’s enjoyable enough due to its pleasant, if restrictive, building blocks.


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