Bad Luck Fale vs YOSHI-HASHI – NJPW G1 Climax 27 Day 11

Bad Luck Fale vs YOSHI-HASHI

G1 Climax Block A Match


Kagoshima Arena, Kagoshima, Japan

(reviewed 08/03/2017) WHERE THE FUCK HAS THIS YOSHI-HASHI BEEN IN THIS TOURNAMENT? He’s on fire here, putting so much heart and effort into everything he does, actually acting like he’s trying to win for the first time since probably day 1 of the tournament. What’s more, he’s not doing stupid shit like quarter-assed (not even half-assed) Kawada kicks just for the sake of filling time. He’s keeping it simple but also keeping it tight and hot. And the people buy in! And Fale holds up his end of the deal! And they just brawl around and hit each other a bunch until YOSHI-HASHI gets a rollup victory and it feels great! Gosh, this is good. Not blowaway great, not on the level of other great matches in this tournament, but great as a respite from the dredges that YOSHI-HASHI’s matches have mostly been in this tournament and the tedium of an unfocused Fale match.


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