Skyman vs Saturno – Cara Lucha (03/03/2017)

Skyman (c) vs Saturno

Muchas Luchas Campeonato Supremo


Arena San Juan Pantitlan, Ciudad Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico


(reviewed 07/24/2017) Something I talk about a lot in relation to lucha libre is how original it is, within reason. By and large, lucha libre is a genre of wrestling that has remained stylistically isolated from other major genres around the world, despite its constant interaction with the American and Japanese scenes. It’s not just the moves themselves that are unique to lucha, but the mindset behind their use, the way of designing and working matches. When so much of wrestling feels samey and trite, that sort of unique quality is something I appreciate a lot. I also tend to vehemently hate lucha libre matches that are so clearly influenced by the American and Japanese scenes, as I went into in great depth on the Arez vs Belial vs Impulso review. There is, however, a happy medium between the sort of lucha libre Cavernario Galindo did in the 40’s and the sort of “US indie stuff but with masks” lucha libre the Indystrongtibles guys did, and I think this match is that happy medium. It’s nutty and has a certain sort of US indie spotfest mentality behind that nuttiness, but outside of certain notable outliers (Styles Clash on the floor, a piledriver or two), it’s wrestled more like a heated Friday night lightning match than something you’d see in PWG. In any case, it’s terribly enjoyable. I have no real idea who either of these guys are (and that ability to just waltz into any old match between two unknown luchadors and enjoy it more often than not is one of many things that I love about lucha libre), but they were able to draw me in with a few of my favorite four letter words: “hate” and “dumb shit”.


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