Wotan vs Demus 3:16 – Lucha Libre GH (01/14/2017)

Wotan vs Demus 3:16

Lucha Extrema


Gimnasio Hercules, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico

Estrellas del Ring or Rudo Vision

(reviewed 03/10/2017) The Estrellas del Ring version of this match opens with Wotan kicking a chair directly into Demus’ head with a frankly disconcerting amount of force, so we’re off to a good start. A little while later, a bloody Demus glances at a photographer at ringside and he looks HORRIFYING. Good lord. Obviously, if you know these two, this is a lucha extrema, which in this setting basically means plastic folding chairs and a lot of blood (like, A LOT; at one point on the outside, a supporting pillar is smeared with red from where Demus crashed into it), but they’re really ripping into each other with these chairs and strikes, putting their all into it, so it feels bigger than it really is. Doing more with less, the sort of thing you see a lot in lucha indies. Demus’ selling here ranges from delightfully pantomime to fairly realistic, and while that inconsistency would rightfully feel weird in another match, this setting and his general demeanor make it (mostly) work. After a nifty backdrop onto a table made of chairs and a super goofy but super endearing elbow drop onto Wotan and said table, Demus picks up the win with an up-and-over combined with a low blow and spinebuster. Lovely little hardcore match here. Between the two versions, we’ve got a little more than ten minutes of footage, and I can’t imagine there’s too much missing from that. What we do get is tons of fun, lots of exaggerated machismo and hardcore action with a few memorable moments that bring the whole thing to life.


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