Penta Zero M & Daga vs LA Park & Rey Escorpion – AULL (03/01/2017)

Penta Zero M & Daga vs LA Park & Rey Escorpion


Arena Lopez Mateos, Tlalnepantla, Mexico


(reviewed 03/09/2017) I love lucha brawls, luchas extremas, lucha deathmatches, all that jazz. I also love lucha tags in all shapes and sizes. They’re two genres of wrestling I watch a lot and enjoy tremendously. The thing is, both of those kinds of matches tend to have a focus, whether it’s two guys duking it out in the ring or an ever-rotating cast of characters flying in and out of tags. You know where you’re supposed to look in those matches, is what I’m getting at. This match is a different beast entirely, which certainly is part of the appeal, but on some level it’s also why I don’t love it as much as I could. I’m constantly searching for these four figures as they stagger around the arena, and often I feel like I’m not getting the best possible handle of the situation. In a live setting, I’m sure I’d love that, and here on tape it’s not exactly unappealing, but it’s a small factor that makes itself felt throughout the entire match. STILL: lots to love here. The lads retrieve a few rows of chairs from the crowd and launch them at each other, which makes for A.) a great meme, and B.) a great moment in which Daga gets BLASTED with a heavy object right on his dome. Daga is a guy I can’t manage to enjoy no matter how hard I try, though he’s not actively making this match worse, what with the brawl-heavy setting and three guys who are good in that setting helping him along (read: beating him up a bunch). The Pentagon/Park interactions in this rule, and I hope we see them in a high profile singles setting soon. Pentagon and Daga’s comeback to tie things up in the second fall is pretty great, real exciting stuff that the crowd gets super into. The third fall is 90% low blows and middle fingers, a few of the more athletic spots of the match are fudged due to the, uh, “tubby” nature of some of these guys, and the whole thing goes longer than it probably should, but it’s fun more often than not, so if you’ve got a spare 35 minutes and want something that doesn’t require all of your attention, give this a go.


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