Neville vs TJ Perkins – WWE 205 Live #6

Neville vs TJ Perkins


Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida, United States

(reviewed 01/05/2017) Christ, TJ is so unlikeable in WWE. And, I mean, he’s a pretty unlikeable person in real life so it’s not like they changed much, but still. A pair of spirited lockups lead to a bit of quick chaining that works better than most bits of chaining these days. Neville does what he can to take it to his slower, smaller opponent, but seemingly no matter what he does, TJ has his number. He eventually turns things around with some misdirection before applying his superior strength, later slowing things down with a headlock. TJ flips through a back suplex and connects with a rolling sole butt. Neville cuts him down and goes for what looks like a wrong-way second rope Phoenix Splash, which is monumentally impressive, but TJ rolls out of the way. The former Cruiserweight champ uses some striking and flying to take it to Neville, topping it off with a big crossbody off the top that earns him a two count. Neville cuts him off with a boot and goes for Brian Cage’s inside out middle rope superplex, but TJ fights it and hits a Frankensteiner for another two count. Some reversals back and forth see TJ connect with a springboard dropkick before going for a wheelbarrow, but Neville catches him in a frankly awesome way to hit a bridging German suplex for two. An enzuigiri rocks Neville and TJ takes his sweet time climbing the ropes, giving Neville time to recover and rush him, fighting his attempts at a comeback before hitting a superplex for the surprising, but great-looking, victory. Lots of fun stuff here, real fast and furious. Not much of substance, but hey, this is still WWE TV after all.


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