Imposible vs Relampago – IWRG (01/22/2017)

Imposible (c) vs Relampago

IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Championship


Arena Naucalpan, Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico

Watch: One or Two

(reviewed 03/27/2017) Match starts with a solid tope from Relampago and a bunch of brawling on the outside. Nothing earth-shattering, but the charisma of Relampago really makes it work, and both guys make sure to soak in this hot crowd. With a bit of quick thinking, Imposible makes the most of an opening when Relampago bounces off the ropes, locking in a kooky double arm hold to win the first fall. Imposible tosses his opponent into the first row of chairs to kick off the second fall, leading to a pretty huge argument between him and a number of middle aged moms wearing Relampago gear at ringside, which is delightful. There’s some mask-ripping and chair shots on the floor, busting Relampago open, but he’s able to rally with a springboard dive into the stands. Curiously, they start climbing up to the second level of seating, which is pretty unrealistic but works as an escalation of the spectacle, and it leads to Imposible tossing the rudo to the floor below and diving onto him. Just when it looks like the champ has this in the bag, they make their way back to the ring and Relampago is able to snap off an armdrag and turn it into a weird Skayde Special-esque submission to even things up. Great misdirection with the finishes to these first two falls. There’s a ton of downtime leading into the third fall, with a doctor checking on Imposible’s shoulder following the submission that cost him the second fall and Relampago rallying with his fans in the front row. Imposible baits in his opponent to even things up a little, and they trade pin attempts as both men are clearly feeling it. Relampago continues to target his opponent’s shoulder, with Imposible selling it quite well, having the referee at ringside yank on his arm to seemingly pop it back in place. Eventually, as Imposible goes for a leg hold of some kind, Relampago yanks off the champ’s mask and uses his confusion to apply a small package and win the match. Afterward, an incensed Imposible challenges the man to a mask match. Great stuff here, just some classic lucha libre. There’s a lot of grandstanding and swinging wildly with strikes and weird holds, and while none of it’s all that incredible, it’s a fun time and something I’m glad I went out of my way for.


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