Rey Hechicero & Solar vs Caifan & Negro Navarro – AULL (02/04/2017)

Rey Hechicero & Solar vs Caifan & Negro Navarro


Arena Lopez Mateos, Tlalnepantla, Mexico


(reviewed 03/11/2017) Expectations are an important factor in wrestling. Meeting expectations can be just as important as subverting them, sometimes. Giving the people what they came for, or what they think they came for, is a central tenant of professional wrestling. Here in this match, with three bonafide lucha maestros, the expectation is that they’re gonna do some grapplin’. And hey, that’s exactly what we get! No more and no less. It’s goofy and a little sloppy and doesn’t serve to tell any great narrative or speak to deeper truths like the best wrestling does. It’s just four guys out there doin’ thangs for twenty minutes. But sometimes, that’s all you need. Sometimes all you need is the bright lights, the pretty colors, the comfort of honest competition and honest entertainment. That’s all I wanted and all I expected from this match, it’s all I received, and I love this match for it.


I should make mention that Hechicero is AWESOME here. He’s almost always the most enjoyable performer in all of his matches, but here he’s an absolute treasure. From the way he fights for leverage in a hold to the way he waves his hands around like a mystic to the way he stooges to the crowd before being caught by Caifan’s headscissors in the corner to the way he taunts Negro Navarro, he’s always the highlight of what’s happening in the ring. Navarro is likewise real fun here, especially with which he takes a few bumps, but Hechicero is the star of the show.


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