Flamita vs AR Fox – The Crash (01/21/2017)

Flamita (c) vs AR Fox

The Crash Cruiserweight Championship


Auditorio de Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico

Watch: One or Two or Three

(reviewed 03/11/2017) This is an odd match. I should like it more than I do, but for a few vague reasons, I’m left fairly unimpressed by it. For one, it starts off poorly, with a weak lock up and other basics that are just loose enough to make me frown at them. Fox is the heel here and tries to keep the pace slow early on, which makes sense considering the situation, but something about it doesn’t click with me, and that disconnect continues as things quicken down the line. There’s just something here that prevents me from getting really invested into a big spotty match between two guys that I tend to like. If I were a star rating man, I’d put this somewhere around 2 ½. It feels like it should be more, both in theory and in actuality, yet I can’t frame it any higher than that.

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